An Invitation to a Weed Wedding May Soon Be in Your Mailbox

With legalization just around the corner, cannabis lovers who are tying the knot might be trading open bars for dab bars, and perhaps adding a little more green to their flower arrangements.

That’s right, believe it or not, cannabis weddings are a thing, and have even gained in popularity and extravagance.

A medical cannabis-using couple tied the knot in California and provided their guests with cannabis infusion through every aspect of the event. From a dab bar complete with its own budtender, to infused meal courses, and goodie bags that sent guests home with edibles, this couple spared no expense, with their cannabis bill being $8,000 alone.

If you’re about to make your way to the altar with your cannabis-loving spouse-to-be, and a cannabis flavour fits the vibe of your guests, here are a few things to consider:


Accommodating everyone

Make partaking in the cannabis aspect of your wedding an opt-in experience. For everything you serve with cannabis, offer an alternative where possible so that the non-canna folks won’t miss out on any activities or special touches. For those with some curiosity, offer low-potency options.


Do Munchies Right

If you’re wanting to up the ante, consider a cannabis infused munchie menu.

While you may choose to focus on a more formal dinner (perhaps infused by a cannabis chef), you could get very creative with your hors d’oeuvres.

Serve a fancy Canadian favourite with a poutine bar with cannabis infused gravy. Infuse some sweet treats like cupcakes or pastries – cookies are always a good bet. You can also provide some variety of strains so your guests can either keep the energy pumping on the dance floor, or help wind down the night over at the indica midnight snack bar.


Cannabis in Your Goodie Bags

Consider sending your (adult) wedding guests home with some treats to help them remember the event and the couple’s special day. Give them a little nugget of your favourite bud to enjoy along with a cute one hitter accessory, or a vial of your very own his and hers cannabis infusions. The possibilities are endless!

Ensure you’re aware of social use regulations in your area and that your cannabis consumption is responsible and within the limits of safe and responsible use. You may also consider limiting alcohol availability (no shots at bar, perhaps?) because for some, cannabis and alcohol just don’t mix!