We sat down with the CEO, Chrissy Bellman to discuss her company’s exciting product that is for much more than just cannabis.

What inspired you to create the LEVO?

My inspiration was twofold- I had firsthand experience with the difficulty of infusion at home, along with my interest in natural food and wellness to cure migraines and joint pain. When I realized there wasn’t an elegant solution to infuse easily at home, I began my mission to create LEVO.


What methods were you using to infuse herbs into products before you created the LEVO?

Oh, it’s not pretty. There’s a photo somewhere of a device concocted from a spaghetti strainer, coffee filter and belt (don’t ask). It usually involved a very messy double broiler, burned ingredients and oil splatter.


How does the LEVO challenge and change traditional methods of infusion for a baker or chef?

First, LEVO makes more frequent and fresh infusions possible by being a countertop staple (versus a mix of dishes and tools having to be dug out of the cabinets) with dishwasher safe parts. With LEVO, it makes less sense to create large batches that spoil sooner than most want to believe and more sense to create smaller, fresher batches. Why not have multiple flavours on hand, too?!

LEVO uses a steeping method to infuse, unlike other immersion blenders, that is more similar to how coffee or tea is brewed. The result is less sediment and compounds like chlorophyll, which – though not bad for you- gives infusions a “dirt” or “grassy” flavor, which can be limiting with the types of recipes you make. All around, LEVO makes more frequency and variety possible than traditional methods!

Who do you see as a typical user of the LEVO?

We are thrilled to see a variety of customers ordering LEVO, and try to make sure that our brand and product is accessible to people of any age or level of experience. That said, we do see a lot of crossover between the Whole Foods customer and LEVO- someone who’s dedicated to knowing what they put in their body and curious about new ways to achieve wellness.


How do you see LEVO benefitting the cannabis community in particular?

We have a saying “an herb is an herb is an herb.” We believe very strongly in normalizing cannabis among other beneficial herbs. The less we dwell on the topic, the more we do so!


Edibles sometimes get a bad reputation in the cannabis industry because of inconsistences with dosing. How does the LEVO help with or address dosing concerns?

At LEVO, we believe that less is more. The pod included with the machine holds about 1/8th ounce of raw cannabis, or ¼ ounce of decarboxylated herb, which aligns with most folks’ expectations for a microdose. You can now order the Power Pod for up to ½ ounce at a time, as well. We want LEVO to meet the spectrum of needs and preferences. Plus, having full control over the time and temperature means that you can find your “sweet spot” and replicate that cycle with the same strain over and over with precise results. For some (like me), this means that you can make a THCA rich infusion that has benefits but curbed physchoactive effect. We also love using tCheck, a potency reader for infusions that we sell as a bundle on our site, for even more certainty and control!


Can the LEVO be used to make products for microdosing?

Absolutely! We love microdosing. When we cook with LEVO, we make edibles that we can have the whole slice of- who wants just the one tiny bite of a pastry or just a drop of dressing? You can dose your creations so that you can enjoy proportional servings of all kinds of consumables.


The LEVO design is very sleek – what inspired it and who designed it?

We worked over nearly 5 years to get the design to it’s present form, and are continually looking to improve! From Parson’s students and technically friends in engineering, to product development agencies, and ultimately our manufacturing partners, a lot of collaboration has gone into the product you see today. We’re always looking to continue innovating, and want to constantly improve for our existing and new customers!

Which design is in your kitchen currently?

We have a Rose Gold unit at HQ, but I love the Avocado unit I have at home next to my robin’s egg Kitchenaid mixer.


Your website has a great guide with combinations of various herbs, including “flower” and various oils – which combination is your favourite?

We love to use combinations of herbs while cooking! Some lavender and cannabis in grapeseed oil makes an amazing massage or bath oil after a long week. Garlic and cannabis in olive oil is our go to for vinaigrettes and dips!


How else can the LEVO be used?

The possibilities with LEVO are virtually endless. We’ve seen amazing recipes and creations from our customers like lip balm, roller balls, soaps, body scrubs, deodorant, and personal lubricants. It’s not just for food! We love the creativity and variety we’re seeing among our customer base.


What’s next for LEVO?

We’ve got some special things in the works for 2018! We can’t say too much yet, but know that we’re actively working to improve LEVO and to bring the user experience to the next level.


Thanks Chrissy! We look forward to hearing more about your exciting products.


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