Read up and follow these guidelines to figure out your ideal dosage, and significantly increase your chances of an enjoyable experience.

An overly intense cannabis experience isn’t fun. By following the below guidelines you can discover the optimal dose for cannabis products – ensuring a positive experience rather than an unpleasant one.



The first thing to know is that cannabis products will not always create the same, predictable effect. It can vary based on a multitude of factors, including the producer, the growing conditions, plant genetics, and more.

The next thing to know is that we all process cannabis a little differently, and some strains can effect some people differently than others. This sounds complicated (because it is) but it’s actually really simple when it comes to using cannabis; You should always begin with a small amount when trying something you aren’t used to:

How to Dose:

Smoke/Vape: It only takes about 15 minutes to feel the full effects of inhaled cannabis. Start with one to two puffs, wait at least 15 minutes and see how you feel. This is also a great way to micro-dose; where you are only taking in small amounts to achieve a mild effect, and simply maintain it with another puff every 20 minutes or so.

Edibles: Be careful with edibles. Reliable edibles made by proper producers are not yet available in Canada. Products on the black market are wildly inconsistent, for example you might try one that is 150mg (that’s a lot!) and not feel much, or have 20mg and really feel it. Making them at home can be just as tricky, it’s hard to know how much THC is contained in one bite to another. If you are using an edible product, you need to find out how potent it is first. Start with a 10mg dose, and wait about 60-90 minutes for effects. Always take edibles with some food that contains at least some fat – if you don’t, your body won’t absorb much THC.

Tinctures: We dedicated a whole article to all about using Tinctures! Read up on it here.



Tolerability: If you use cannabis frequently, over time you require a higher dose for the same effect, that won’t last as long. *Try resetting it by taking at least a 48hr break.

Cannabinoid Content: What does the THC% mean? This is simply a measurement of the cannabinoid content by weight – it’s “potency.” For example: If 1 gram of cannabis is said to be 18% THC, this means that 1g (or 1000mg) * 18% = 180mg of THC.



THC : CBD ratio is the relative amount of each contained in the product.
For example, cannabis containing 10% THC and 5% CBD has a THC : CBD ratio of 2:1.

In addition to strain knowledge and how to dose, understanding how THC and CBD work together is one of the most important aspects to selecting a cannabis product.