Alternatives to Smoking Cannabis
5 reasons you might want to try a tincture

Cannabis Tinctures: earlier this year Modern Leaf covered alternative consumption methods that are gaining popularity. We featured vaporizing, cannabis edibles and oils, topicals, and how to use precise dosing of cannabis to get your most desired effects. Cannabis tinctures are growing in popularity for a variety of reasons that may make a lot of sense for those looking to avoid smoking.

Here are 5 REASONS cannabis tinctures may
be the perfect cannabis consumption method for you:


1. You Want to Keep Your Lungs Healthy

While many cannabis enthusiasts like to smoke their cannabis, the fact is smoking anything is not great for your respiratory system – combustion of any material produces some hazardous by-products.

Tinctures offer a quick, precise and convenient way to deliver cannabis, no lungs involved.

You Want Versatility and Discretion

The benefit of tinctures is that they can be used simply by placing a dose under your tongue, or even put into a topical to allow the cannabinoids to absorb into your skin. Read up on everything you need to know in our convenient how to use tinctures guide.


3. You Want to Be Precise About Dosing or Want to Microdose

Cannabis tinctures are quick-absorbing with predictable, consistent effects. They are also an incredibly precise way to know exactly how much cannabis you are ingesting, on a mg/ml basis. Those who prefer microdosing will especially find cannabis tinctures as an effective way to ensure full control. Remember that cannabis tinctures are most consistent when used sublingually (under your tongue), and ingesting a tincture can produce more erratic effects.


4. You’re Looking for a Cannabis Product That has a Pronounced “Body Effect”

Tinctures tend to produce a more mild euphoric feeling when compared to smoking, while producing a much stronger body relaxation effect.


5. You Want a Variety of Strength

Cannabis tinctures have the advantage of being produced in a vast array of cannabis strains and cannabinoid profiles that will help cannabis consumers target their desired effects. This includes differing levels of THC, CBD, THCA and CBDA.

Canada’s Licensed Producers currently produce a wide variety of tinctures that will be made available for recreational purchase on October 17, 2018.