Cannabis can help you relax, be more social, and heighten sensations and experiences—it’s a perfect wing-man, or wing-woman!

*Dosage is particularly important when it comes to intimacy—keep your dose low as too much THC may decrease libido

While it’s generally well known for its ability to enhance movie or game night with your loved one, sex is a less-talked about subject when it comes to cannabis. Is there a correlation between cannabis use and a satisfying sex life?

While the cannabis and sex discussion has been littered with inaccurate warning stories of lowered sperm count and lazy lovers, there’s every reason to believe that the correlation between sex and cannabis is a very positive one, and when used responsibly can enhance or modulate experiences.

Cannabis & Sex in History

Cannabis has a definite spot in the history books when it pertains to sexuality. It was used as far back as 1700-500 BCE by the Hindi in Tantric sex practices. Early physician Galen suggested it brought “warm and pleasurable sensations” to its users. Mid-1800s British Physician Sir William O’Shaughnesy wrote that cannabis created “intense aphrodisiac desire.” Keep in mind, the weed grown back then wasn’t exactly the Cannabis Cup winner – it was much more mild than what is grown today.

Now, sexual benefits of cannabis may come from our elevated knowledge of the body’s endocannabinoid system. At the very basic level, cannabidiol (CBD) introduced into the endocannabinoid system can stimulate users by increasing blood flow to certain parts of the body. When doses of THC are added into the mix, a sense of relaxation comes over the body.

Do Cannabis Users Have More Sex?

Earlier this year, scientists analyzed the statistics found in the US government’s National Survey of Family Growth and published their findings on the correlation between sex and cannabis in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

The survey asked more than 51,000 people both men and women how often they had sex in the prior four weeks, as well as how frequently they used marijuana in the past year.

Women who use cannabis led the ranks in the frequency of sexual encounters with 7.1 encounters over the last 4 weeks as opposed to 6 encounters by their non-cannabis lady counterparts. Marijuana men reported having sex 6.9 times in the 4-week period in comparison to the 5.6 instances of sex for non-cannabis using men.

Is this just a coincidence? Possibly not. With cannabis ladies leading the pack for carnal pleasures, it can’t be overlooked that cannabis is being called the female Viagra for its power for getting women in the mood, ability to add lubrication and amplify the sexual experience (and at time “Big O”) for women in particular.

Can Cannabis Ignite the Bedroom?

While it still tends to come down to the individual – some may not find cannabis is their bag in the bedroom – there is an emerging body of research around cannabis and its positive impacts on sex.