Cannabis has become a topic in just about everything this past year, and that includes its place alongside fitness and athletics.

Here are three surprising connections between cannabis and fitness that you may not yet know about:

1. THC stays in your system and gives you runner’s high

You can’t deny that amazing feeling of euphoria you get when you have a great gym session: your body feels rejuvenated, and your mood uplifted. This is often embraced as “runner’s high”, and your cannabis use may be enhancing that high for you. The good news for cannabis users who use THC-rich strains is that their exercise can help them pull on the good benefits of THC through the way the body’s fat stores THC.

Here’s how: when you exercise, your fat stores in your body release the euphoric feelings of last night’s THC session right into your bloodstream, where it can remain for up to two hours post-workout. Yeah, science!


2. CBD from hemp for athletes is becoming accepted

Last year, UFC Mixed Martial Arts fighter Nate Diaz caused quite the stir when he was seen vaping CBD oil at a press conference. The dialogue around CBD versus opiates caused the medical community and athletes to rise up in support of hemp-CBD (which is non-psychoactive – it doesn’t get you high) as an important health supplement for athletes.

As a result of the growing support around the medicinal benefits of CBD, the World Anti-Doping Agency (founded by the International Olympic Committee) removed hemp CBD from its list of banned substances for 2018. Hemp CBD was most notably recognized for the relief of pain and muscle inflammation for athletes and provides an alternative to strong narcotics.

In Canada, these discussions are being had at the national level to ensure that international anti-doping standards are adhered to while remaining open to the benefits of CBD when it comes to athletes at national events like the Canada Games.


3. Canna-yoga is kind of a huge thing

Combining the right choice of strain and meditative practice has been known to help some reach a level of elevation that you may not get when you skip the pre-class vape.

When you choose your cannabis strain, and method of consumption for combining cannabis with yoga, it’s important to match the type of practice with the effects of your strain.


Modern Leaf continues to explore including cannabis alongside your healthy lifestyle, we encourage people to consume cannabis safely and responsibly while taking into account dosage, method of consumption, and the important aspects of sports safety involved in all physical activity.