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Cannabis Flower

Available July 2018
Whether its for day or night, socializing or being introspective, for energy or relaxation, we hand pick only the highest quality cannabis flower available.


Available April 2018
Our high end products are as beautiful as they are well made. Explore a Modern selection of the finest accessories to make your cannabis experience as unique as you are. 


Available 2019
Coming in 2019 or as per regulations.


Available July 2018
Not everyone wants to inhale cannabis. Here we have natural alternatives, so everyone can enjoy cannabis how they want, when they want.


Available 2019
Coming in 2019 or as per regulations


A free cannabis workshop

Get an overview of all the important aspects of cannabis in Canada today: from recent regulations to growing, buying and using cannabis. All in a 60-minute workshop.


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take the cannabis course

Are you interested in cannabis as a business opportunity? Stay tuned for our upcoming course in February 2018.