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Modern Leaf is a unique cannabis education business, aiming to provide an informed sales process and premium quality cannabis products. Modern Leaf's Certified Cannabis Guides will help customers discover new products and make informed choices that are right for them. They will serve as guides for consumers to the world of cannabis using Modern Leaf’s easy-to-use ecommerce platform and industry leading training centres. Modern Leaf is also Canada’s go-to source for premium cannabis lifestyle content and news.

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1What is a Certified Cannabis Guide?
Certified Cannabis Guides advise customers on responsible use, help them choose products that best suit their individual needs, support them during the shopping process and provide guidance throughout their experience with cannabis.
2How can I become a Certified Cannabis Guide?
Information will be made publicly very soon about how to become a Modern Leaf Certified Cannabis Guide. Keep an eye on for exciting updates.
3How can I become a Modern Leaf customer?
Customers of Modern Leaf will go through an onboarding process through the Modern Leaf Education Centre before they can place their first order.
4Where does Modern Leaf get its information for its Education Centre?
The Modern Leaf team has extensive background and experience in cannabis. Its executive team, advisors, directors, contributors and agents have all worked in highly regulated environments and cannabis education.

The courses and education information are backed by mdBriefCase Inc. and Advancing Practices, a leading physician education company and by Alex Revich. Alex began his career in cannabis with MedReleaf Corp, a leading Canada Health licensed cannabis producer, as Director of Partner Development and is one of the most experienced and accredited cannabis educators worldwide. 
5My question wasn’t answered here. What now?
Please reach out to us using the Contact Form above - one of our highly trained staff would be happy to answer any questions you have.

The people behind Modern Leaf

Preston J. Drummond

Founder and Managing Director

Preston J. Drummond is the Founder and Managing Director of Modern Leaf (The Modern Leaf Group Inc.) Preston has strong expertise in the cannabis industry in both Canada and the US, with a focus on cannabis partnerships, education and wellbeing. He invests his time and money in the people and companies that he’s passionate about because they improve people’s lifestyle and wellbeing. He has extensive experience in building companies in the home energy technology,  promotion and hospitality sectors, and scaling them effectively.  With an executive sales background and experience leading significant sales forces to success, Preston has guided his companies to achievement against their revenue goals resulting in valuations up to $505 million.

Kristy Drummond

Creative Director

As Creative Director, Kristy is responsible for the overall look and feel of Modern Leaf. She is an accomplished interior designer and professional realtor, and brings an approachable, yet dynamic aesthetic to our offices, our materials, and our assets.

Candace Bartlett


As an intern at Modern Leaf, Candace brings her experience as a Civil Engineering student at The University of Toronto to the business. She is also an experienced Yoga instructor, and brings a physical and spiritual component to our team.

Modern Leaf’s response to Manitoba Request for Proposals

The modern Leaf Story

Modern Leaf is an industry leading organization with a controlled, guided sales process and premium quality cannabis products. Certified Cannabis Guides and Education Centres form the core of this unique customer acquisition and retention business.