Modern Leaf Home Parties

When buying things we don’t understand, we consult an expert. If we need a new car and we don’t know anything about cars, we call our friend who’s a mechanic or an enthusiast. If we need advice on taxes, we call an accountant. If we want help picking bathroom tiles, we call on our friend with a great sense of taste in decorating and design. Who do we call on about weed?

The Modern Leaf model will engage consumers in one of three ways. First, through our education centres and locations. Second, through pop-ups in lesser served markets. Finally, through our Certified Cannabis Guides in the comfort of our consumer’s own home.

Imagine hosting an in-home gathering or party, but with cannabis as the focus. Your cannabis expert friend is one of our Guides. Their job is to help you through a simple process to determine your individual needs. Together, you determine your tastes and needs. Depending on your cannabis consumption experience, our guides set your educational process. They ensure the correct level of knowledge, as well as maintaining a high level of enjoyment and fun. After all, in the recreational user, cannabis is supposed to be fun!

We don’t pay any down lines as in multi-level marketing. We are not like those businesses in our structure at all. Our Guides will be paid commission for their sales. They will receive other rewards and incentives which are subject to regulations. It’s important to note that our Guides don’t physically sell cannabis. They educate, and on board the customer in an environment where they are most comfortable. With the Guides help, the customer orders from Modern Leaf. After placing their initial order, the customer buys direct from Modern Leaf. The Guide then collects revenue from any further purchases their customer makes.

Not everyone wants to go down to the dispensary. Our research suggests that a large number of women want a different experience. For existing cannabis users, and those planning on trying cannabis when it’s legal, trust is a huge factor. So is clear information, and a comfortable atmosphere with an individual approach. Modern Leaf’s model is for people who want a premium experience, and premium products without having to go down to the “Weed Shop”.