Modern Leaf - your cannabis mentor

Modern Leaf is an industry leading, unique education and e-commerce platform for Canadians who want a personalized and premium experience with cannabis.

Certified Cannabis Guides advise customers on responsible use, help you choose products that best suit your individual needs, support you during the shopping process and provide guidance throughout your experience with cannabis.

Before buying cannabis for the first time from Modern Leaf, customers go through a short but informative education and assessment process managed by one of Modern Leaf’s Certified Cannabis Guides.

Upon successful completion, you will be registered in Modern Leaf’s online education and e-commerce portal by a Certified Cannabis Guide, who will also advise and help throughout the first sales process. This will ensure that customers are supported with adequate information about the products available online. A dedicated Certified Cannabis Guide will be available remotely or in person to each customer for consultation before any future sales as well. This will ensure a well informed, safe buying process.

Our staff in our stores, helping and educating customers, are also Certified Cannabis Guides, in addition to having completed mandatory training in accordance with regulations.


a free cannabis workshop

Get an overview of all the important aspects of cannabis in Canada today: from recent regulations to growing, buying and using cannabis. All in a 60-minute workshop.


Become a master

take the cannabis course

Are you interested in cannabis as a business opportunity? Stay tuned for our upcoming course in February 2018.